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We currently do not have the projects available in this field. 

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We currently do not have the projects available in this field. 

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We currently do not have the projects available in this field. 

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We currently do not have the projects available in this field. 

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We currently do not have the projects available in this field. 

Don't see your expertise listed?

Wileo is the fastest growing platform for engineering professionals with a continually growing client base and demand for wider skills. You can join the platform if you have relevant expertise, even if it is not listed yet.

If you’re not ready to join the platform but want to know when projects requiring your expertise are available, you can. You can also opt-in to participate in giving input to create the best support and marketing service for your skills

Using the Wileo platform is easy!

Sign up

The sign up form just requires a few contact details. After signing up, you’ll need to verify your email. At this point you have access to the forum community.

Complete your profile and apply to be verified

Applying is like providing your resume. We need to know your work experience,
certifications and your responses to a few qualifying questions. After we’ve verified
your identity and professional qualifications, you’ll receive an email that your profile
is verified.

Offer / apply on projects

Consultants can apply to projects for which they are qualified. Clients can also
invite specific consultants to apply. 

Get hired

The system will auto create a contract based on your scope of works, milestones, deadlines, and price rates, including any changes to these you make before finalising the offer.

Get paid

For small projects, consultants will receive their payment after completion of project or milestones. For time based project, consultants use Wileo’s timesheet tool and are paid weekly. 

Your first project is now complete.

Benefits for consultants

Earn the value you deliver

Wileo sets a floor on the quality of consultants but not a ceiling. Set your own rates based on the value you deliver to clients.

Secure payments from legitimate clients

Wileo verifies all clients and payment is held secure in escrow, protecting you from delays or unfair withholding of payment.

Retain more of your chargeable value

By knocking out the high markups used to pay for expensive offices and administrative staff, you can earn more than the employee market rate while still offering attractive rates to clients

Take control of your life and career

Whether you want to be a digital nomad, or just choose the kinds of projects you want to work on and how much work-life balance you need.

Get admin done for free

Focus on what you do best. We ve got you covered for contract creation, the billing process and professional insurance. Wileos low commission to clients to covers the cost of these services.

Market yourself to a growing pool of clients

You have opportunities to
demonstrate the thinking,
knowledge, experience and
approach that distinguishes you as an individual engineer. Great profiles, articles, and case studies can be selected for extra visibility to clients.

Learn and grow in a digital community

Grow everything from your clients skills, to your career, to your expertise using the practical advice and ideas you exchange with your peers and clients.

Access to exclusive work opportunities

In addition to the public agencies and private clients on the platform, Wileo managed teams invite suitable consultants to join multidisciplinary project teams. Find out more about the Wileo Consulting service.