Engineering expertise to anyone, anywhere

Hire consultants

Select vetted, specialist engineers to scale up or fill technical gaps in your organisation or project at less cost.

Outsource project delivery to managed multi disciplinary teams.

Apply as a consultant

Determine you own hours. Set your own rates. Work on the projects you prefer from a growing base of clients.

Get free access to local and global networks for knowledge sharing and practical advice.

Wileo's search system is optimized to help you quickly find consultants with the right skills and experience, whether you need someone remote or on site.

Kayode Lawal

Rail Transport Specialist

10 Years Experience

Emre Turan

Cybersecurity Engineer

15 Years Experience

Nadine Shroeder

Civil Engineering

12 Years Experience

Hector Tomas

Electrical Engineer

8 Years Experience

Isabel Valente

PMO Consultantr

14 Years Experience

Sheng Xi

Project Director

20 Years Experience

Gary Little

Product Manager

20 Years Experience

Winton Kirk

Civil Engineering

21 Years Experience

Zelda Lucas

Civil Engineering

10 Years Experience

Why Wileo?

Diverse expertise for flexible work now

Expertise of varying skillsets and experience work on small or large projects. Part time or full time roles use time based engagements.

Time to hire can be as short as a day because clients and consultants negotiate bids directly.



Convenience without the risk

Wileo is run by engineers that vet the skills, qualifications, and experience of consultants. This team also makes sure that clients have adequately defined the scope of their projects.

Payments are escrowed and Wileo takes care of the contracts and billing admin, using automation to keep the commission structure low.

Virtual ideascape

The Wileo community is a place to exchange ideas that sharpen your engineering edge. Build your networks and find practical advice on all things related to being an engineer.

How it works?

Access to community forums

Alex2 choices for creating projects
  • Wileo managed team projects
  • Wileo Consulting provides engineering management and project management to hire consultants and deliver the project work for you.
  • Individual consultant projects
  • You create a project for each consultant you need. You could hire a project manager to lead your team if you want.
Alex2 ways to select your own consultants
  • Inite consultant by browsing profiles and filtering your selection
  • Open proposal to consultants meeting your criteria
  • Or do both


Access to the project platform

Project creation
Bidding process
Negotiated hire offer
Contract auto-creation
Project workspace
Brianbids on projects in 3 ways
  • Responding to client offers
  • Replying to Wileo Consulting project invites
  • Submitting proposals to listed projects

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