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Industries currently serviced

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Top Consultants

Shanti Kari

Mining Operations Manager

17 Years Experience

Max Desmet

Materials Planner

12 Years Experience

Zelda Lucas

Civil Engineering

10 Years Experience

Top Consultants

Julie Fortin

Transport Specialist

14 Years Experience

Top Consultants

Monica Mora

Civil Engineering

10 Years Experience

Antonio Lombardi

Materials Planner

12 Years Experience

Top Consultants

Allison Carney

Engineering Manager

25 Years Experience

Zhong Kai Wen

Project Manager

16 Years Experience

Top Consultants

Kylie Arroyo

System Engineer

14 Years Experience

Don't see your industry listed?

If your industry isn’t listed yet, let us know your needs so that we can prioritise our outreach to consultants that will be perfect for you in the future.

You can also opt in to shaping your ideal service by giving input when you can on changes to the platform and the services it offers.

Using the Wileo platform is easy!

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The sign up form just requires a few contact details. After we’ve verified your identity, you’ll receive an email notification.

Complete your profile and browse

At this point, you can browse the full site but you’ll need to complete your profile and add a billing method before creating your first project.

Create a project

You’ll need to create a project with a scope of work for each consultant you want to hire.

Select consultants

After your project has passed review, consultants will offer or apply on your project. You can invite specific consultants to offer or apply on your project, searching by expertise or name. Use filters to narrow your search by experience level, location, rate, and language.
Interviews can help you choose amongst consultants you’re seriously considering.


The final scope of works, milestones, deadlines and price rates that you’ve negotiated constitute the electronic offer you make to a consultant.

Review work and pay

Clients can track and approve milestone progress, as well as review timesheets for time-based engagements. Payment is secured at the start and released once both parties have met their obligations.

Your first project is now complete.

Benefits for clients

Pay for skills not frills

Both clients and consultants 
benefit from knocking out the 
surplus normally charged on 
consulting fees to pay for 
expensive offices and 
administrative staff.

Choose with confidence

Wileo independently verifies that all consultants have the certifications, skills, and experience on their profiles. You can also see ratings from other clients for prior work.

Pick up useful ideas in the digital community

Read and contribute to thought-provoking articles and exchanges relevant to your business from a global talent pool of specialist expertise.

Outsource your project delivery

If you want a project delivered
without project managing it,
Wileo Consulting can get involved at the conceptual or scoping stage and take over the reigns when it comes to managing the team.

Experience digital guidance with a human touch

The Wileo on-screen guides help you throughout the experience but you can reach out to a human for support and advice with contract negotiations.

Search quickly and know deeply

Wileo’s engineering-optimised search system cuts out the endless scrolling, clicking, and time-wasting. Consultant profiles are organised so that you can check standard criteria in a flash while knowing more about the individual.


How soon can consultants be onboarded?

Based on availability, this could take as little as a day or 2

Is there a minimum contract duration for a consultant?

For time based engagements, the minimum duration is 3 months. Projects can be of any size and are determined by milestone deliverables and deadlines for delivery, not time.

Can I edit, pause, or end projects after posting them?

Yes, you can edit, pause or end projects before your hire offer is accepted. Consultants that have sent proposals to you will be notified that the project has been edited and can edit their proposal in

Are all consultants insured?

Consultants on the platform are covered for professional indemnity, public liability, and workers compensation as applicable.

How are payments and invoices managed?

For time based engagements, consultants submit their timesheets after each working week. Clients then have 1 week to approve or dispute. If disputed, the client and consultant need to resolve that dispute in good faith and Wileo reserves the right to act as a mediator in the dispute. If the timesheet is approved, it is paid to the consultant in the following week. The same process applies to contracts that incur payment after milestone completion, where the consultant will initiate the process after selecting that the milestone is complete.

What methods of payment are accepted?

At this stage, clients can make payment through credit card or wire transfers.