About Us

Creating a leading engineering community fostering innovation and sustainablity

Our Company Values



We forge ahead with passion, combined with human ingenuity and a bold vision.

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We are committed to a sustainable growth for our planet and its people.

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We believe that together we can create a diverse and engaged community able to address the most complex challenges.

About Us

Since founding Wileo in 2014, we’ve seen the challenges in sourcing technical and engineering expertise. As the world evolves, things become more complicated, systems more complex and fields expand, sourcing specialised engineering capabilities becomes central to innovation.

This is especially true in our home city of Perth, where innovation is driving many projects like the Prix Versailles winning Optus Stadium or the autonomous haul trucks seen in great numbers in Western Australia.

The number of cutting edge technologies implemented into these projects requires a high level of expertise, and not all resources can be sourced locally with technical experts required from everywhere, mobilised at significant cost through several contracts.

Now and in the future, we need to revolutionise this industry.

To provide engineering expertise to anyone anywhere we’ve created a new web-based platform, starting in Perth but aiming globally, for companies to source engineering and project management services directly, avoiding unnecessary overheads.

Engineers, technical experts and project managers can find projects to work on and join an engineering community fostering innovation and sustainability.

Will & Lio

Co-founders Wileo